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Top-Notch Residential Rekey Services

It is not always necessary to replace a set of locks when you can simply rekey them. Of course, if there any internal parts are damaged or if you genuinely want new locks, you may consider replacing them, but if you want a cost-effective solution, rekeying is a good option. At Secure locksmith Inc, we provide residential rekey services so that you don’t have to spend hundreds on new locks and installations.

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Improved security

Rekeying a lock provides as much security as a new lock. Many people think that the efficiency of the lock decreases if they rekey, but that’s not the case. Our locksmiths will not only rekey the locks but will also check the integral components to ensure they are in perfect, and will not be damaged soon. We don’t take hours to rekey your locks. With advanced tools and machines and our experienced locksmiths at work, we would only take a few minutes to rekey. But, since all the locks don’t follow the same mechanism, some may take a few minutes more. Once our locksmiths arrive, they will check the locks you want to rekey; they will provide an estimated time. Be rest assured; the locksmiths will finish within that time, and not keep you waiting.

Replace or rekey – the better option for a new house

Homeowners who are planning to shift to a new location in Aurora, Colorado often ask if they should replace the old locks of the new house or rekey them. You can choose both the options considering the amount you are ready to spend. New locks will undoubtedly be more expensive. Plus, you need to consider the installation charger. But, rekeying is a cost-effective option. Many homeowners think that when locksmiths recommend rekeying, they are actually trying to scam the customers to earn some extra bucks. Trust us; we don’t have any motive of that sort. We will rekey your locks in the best possible way so that it is tough for intruders to break in.

Lock rekeying

Lock rekeying is considered a complicated task, but our locksmiths make it look easy. They understand the mechanism of each lock and accordingly will readjust the lock so that it can function like a new one. This is almost like having a new lock for your house. Rekeying locks will allow you to continue using the previous components of the lock, but you will operate it with a new key.

Why choose us

Experienced locksmiths, advanced tools, and fair pricing keep us ahead in the game. We are a team that believes in high-quality service. Every locksmith that attends our customers is certified. They are trained to handle even the most complicated locks in the business. We assure you that hiring us will be a safe decision. All our locksmiths are punctual. No matter where you stay in Aurora, Colorado, they will not only reach your location on time but will also ensure that you don’t have to wait for long. Their efficiency and experience in this field allow them to rekey the locks quickly so that your house is safe from intruders.

We Provide the best locksmith Service in the Colorado Area


As your reliable and trustworthy locksmith professionals, we handle a number of residential issues for our clients. If you need to have the locks changed throughout the home, we can remove the old locks and replace them with new ones while providing you with the keys you are going to need to have to use those new locks. Not only can we change the locks, but we can also help you get into your home if you get locked out. Why break in through a window when you can contact us, save yourself the time and frustration, and get into your home the right way?

Other residential services that we provide include key extractions, safe installation, and rekeying. If these are some of the services that you currently need help with, you can rely on Secure Locksmith Inc.


Although we provide various services to residential clients, we have a lot to offer our commercial clients, too. If you own a commercial property and need help with installing locks, getting push bars installed, having push bars replaced, or even getting duplicates of specific keys that you need to get into different rooms throughout the building, we can do it all for you. We can even help you ramp up security by installing the latest and most efficient locks inside your commercial property.


If you own a vehicle, there are times when our services could come in handy for you. You might need some help with your transponder keys or you might need us to assist with repairing the ignition to get it to work again so that you can put the key in it and get right back out on the road like you normally would. If you need us to program your new car key, we can do that for you, too.


Emergency Locksmith

At Secure Locksmith Inc, we pride ourselves in taking the best care of our clients and that means offering convenient locksmiths services around the clock. We know that our clients may need help outside of normal business hours and that is why we offer emergency locksmith services for those who cannot wait to receive help. For example, you might get locked out of your vehicle while in the middle of nowhere. You would not want to take the risk of waiting around for several hours to get help with getting back into your vehicle. We would need you to tell us the make and model of your vehicle and then we would travel to you to get you back into the car in no time.

If you are locked out of your home or your business, we can help you get back into these buildings in no time. We realize that you might not have much time to waste, especially if you have work to do or other responsibilities that you need to handle. Our company will not keep you waiting.


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