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Change Your Locks – Rekey Locks Aurora Co

“I need someone to change my locks.” When your key has been compromised, or you’re moving into a new home, it’s natural to want someone to change your locks. But “changing your locks” doesn’t necessarily mean replacing the locks themselves. For most people, all you need is a rekey service – where we give you a new key and new combination for your existing lock.

If you’re in the Aurora or Denver area and need a local locksmith, give Secure Locksmith Inc. a call today via the number below.

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Rekeying Locks – a Way to Save Time and Money

Secure Locksmith is an Aurora CO 24 hour locksmith service. We provide both Aurora emergency locksmith support and scheduled service throughout the extended Denver area. Our second most common service request, after lockouts, is from those that need to change their locks.

But many people do not know what that means. Within the average lock is a pin tumbler. These small “pins” in the cylinder of a lock move based on the position of the key, and only when all of the pins line up perfectly will the lock open or close.

Instead of replacing the entire locking mechanism – which can be expensive, especially at large scale – it’s possible to “rekey” the lock – giving the lock a new combination so that only the new key can open the lock, and all other keys are rendered useless. Rekeying a lock is less expensive than replacing a lock, and provides a similar level of security.

When to Rekey a Lock

There are many situations when rekeying a lock is a good idea. In some cases, you may want to rekey your lock “just because” – if you’re someone that has not rekeyed their lock in a while, or someone that has given out your key to people in the past, rekeying your locks every few years is a good way to make sure that you are the only one that ever has access to your home or office.

Rekeying locks is also important when moving into a new home. Any time you enter a new property, you should have your locks rekeyed so that anyone that once had access no longer is able to enter.

There are also situations where an emergency locksmith in Aurora, CO may be needed, to help with immediate, urgent, 24 hour rekey services. These include:

  • Your key may have been compromised. If you think someone may have copied a key, or you publicly lost it, rekeying the lock is a smart way to make sure they no longer have access.
  • You have kicked someone out of the home or office. In situations where someone with access to a key could be disgruntled, rekeying the lock right away can provide some much needed security.
  • You’ve lost keys and been faced with a lockout, and it’s been a long time since you’ve rekeyed your locks. You can just have a new lock made, but a lockout is also a smart time to consider rekeying.

These are some of the situations in which an Aurora emergency locksmith would be necessary.

But whether you need a 24/7 locksmith or you simply want someone to help you with your new locks, Because we also serve Denver and many of the surrounding areas, Secure Locksmith Inc. is the company of choice to address any of your locksmith concerns.

Alternatives to Rekeying and Additional Support

Changing the locks is often all that someone needs to protect their property again. But there may be other services you want to consider on your visit. For example, we can:

  • Install High Security Locks
  • Install Smart Locks
  • Replace Broken/Weak Locks, and More

Whatever you need, whenever you need it, Secure Locksmith Inc is the locksmith Aurora, Colorado trusts to handle all of their locksmith needs. For more information, or additional help, make sure you contact our team today via the form, or call us to speak with a live person and get faster help.


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