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Secure Locksmith Inc is located in Aurora, CO and is a local locksmith company serving the areas of Denver, Glendale, Superior, Louisville, Meridian and Aurora. People use locks for a variety of reasons with the primary goal being to safeguard something of value. Whether it’s your house, business or car, locking it gives off a sense of security. You never know, that lock could be the reason your vehicle isn’t jacked. We at Secure Locksmith Inc provide quality residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services and you can trust us to arrive wherever you are within minutes.

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Residential Locksmith Service

Have you locked yourself out of the house? Have you lost your keys? It’s a pain all the same. Thinking about it will only cause you unnecessary stress, especially if you’ve had a long day. In such a situation, you only want the problem to go away and enter your house. We at Secure Locksmith Inc understand this which is why we will work diligently and swiftly to solve the lock problem with our extensive array of domestic locksmith services. Here’s how we help:

– Key Service: We repair any broken locks, install new locks, make a new key and open door re-key locks. We also provide key duplication services for backup reasons.

– Lockout Services: We offer a 24-hour response lockout services whether you’re locked in or out.

We also deal with home security systems upgrades that will guarantee the safety of the element of the house, making it a secure fortress.

Commercial Locksmith Service

We are living in a fast-paced world where any stoppage or delay in business operations means you are bleeding out money. Commercial centers are usually targets of malicious acts, which is why you should guarantee the safety of your employees by having a timely burglary repair response to ensure the establishment is as safe as it could be. We can repair your locks and at the same time install and upgrade the commercial security systems like the CCTV, access control, alarms and the master key. No sort of work is too big or too small for us; we are always here for your commercial locksmith services.

Automotive Locksmith

We can help you if you’ve lost your car keys, if you’ve locked yourself out of the car or if the key has broken while turning the ignition. We can quickly cut and program a new key for your vehicle with the wait times being under an hour. So don’t stress about anything, give us a call and we will be there. We provide top quality automotive locksmith services at competitive rates.


We are an accredited business that is insured and bonded. We do it all! Lockouts, new lock installation, lock change, car key replacement or re-key. We are pretty confident in our skills and know for a fact that we can fix any lock problem. Our team is available 24/7 for any emergency lock service you may need. We have a highly trained team of technicians who know their jobs and will perform their roles at 100% to ensure customer satisfaction. For more details, call us now at (720) 330 4322 and speak to one of our experts.

We Provide the best locksmith Service in the Colorado Area


As your reliable and trustworthy locksmith professionals, we handle a number of residential issues for our clients. If you need to have the locks changed throughout the home, we can remove the old locks and replace them with new ones while providing you with the keys you are going to need to have to use those new locks. Not only can we change the locks, but we can also help you get into your home if you get locked out. Why break in through a window when you can contact us, save yourself the time and frustration, and get into your home the right way?

Other residential services that we provide include key extractions, safe installation, and rekeying. If these are some of the services that you currently need help with, you can rely on Secure Locksmith Inc.


Although we provide various services to residential clients, we have a lot to offer our commercial clients, too. If you own a commercial property and need help with installing locks, getting push bars installed, having push bars replaced, or even getting duplicates of specific keys that you need to get into different rooms throughout the building, we can do it all for you. We can even help you ramp up security by installing the latest and most efficient locks inside your commercial property.


If you own a vehicle, there are times when our services could come in handy for you. You might need some help with your transponder keys or you might need us to assist with repairing the ignition to get it to work again so that you can put the key in it and get right back out on the road like you normally would. If you need us to program your new car key, we can do that for you, too.


Emergency Locksmith

At Secure Locksmith Inc, we pride ourselves in taking the best care of our clients and that means offering convenient locksmiths services around the clock. We know that our clients may need help outside of normal business hours and that is why we offer emergency locksmith services for those who cannot wait to receive help. For example, you might get locked out of your vehicle while in the middle of nowhere. You would not want to take the risk of waiting around for several hours to get help with getting back into your vehicle. We would need you to tell us the make and model of your vehicle and then we would travel to you to get you back into the car in no time.

If you are locked out of your home or your business, we can help you get back into these buildings in no time. We realize that you might not have much time to waste, especially if you have work to do or other responsibilities that you need to handle. Our company will not keep you waiting.


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