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24 Hour Locksmith Services in Aurora, CO

Who We Are – Secure Locksmith in Aurora, CO

Secure Locksmith is a full service mobile locksmith located in Aurora and serving Denver and many of the surrounding cities. We have 24 hour emergency support, state of the art technology, and a commitment to our customer’s satisfaction.

Led by skilled locksmith Noah G., Secure Locksmith operates when you need us to. We have affordable costs, no pressure sales, and a team that undergoes continuing education so that we can treat your home, auto, or business with the care it deserves. Call us at 720-330-4322 to get started.

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Aurora, Colorado

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Monday – Saturday : 8:00am – 10:00pm
24 Hour Emergency Service
Available in Aurora and Denver

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About Us – An Affordable Full Service Residential, Commercial, and Auto Locksmith Service

One of the challenges in choosing a local locksmith is identifying the difference between locksmith services. “Near me” may be enough for urgent lockouts, but:

  • What about the quality of the care?
  • What about the speed and tools?
  • What about the guarantees – or the ability to give you back your peace of mind?

In many ways, that’s why Secure Locksmith in Aurora was founded. We believe that it’s not enough to “just” be a locksmith. Anyone can help you with lockouts, door repair, key replacement, etc. What matters is that you get a reliable, fast, talented, and above all else supportive locksmith that is ready to help you during this difficult time.

Full Service Lock and Key Solutions in the Greater Denver Area

Based in Aurora, CO, our team is here to assist you with home, auto, and business locks. We have 24 hour service that can respond to many urgent requests within 15 to an hour depending on the time of day (with scheduled services available for non-emergencies), and when we are there we will gladly help you by answering questions, providing feedback, and making sure that you are back to feeling safe and secure.

We have the latest technology in the event you would like to replace your locks, and of course we keep all of our information confidential and protected so that you know that you’re safe after the service is over. We are:

  • Fully Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Insured
  • Certified

Above all else, we are experienced, with a deep knowledge of the lock and security industry. If you need a locksmith, we encourage you to call us as soon as possible, and see for yourself why Secure Locksmith in Aurora is the highest rated company in the area. For our current customers, we thank you so much for trusting us with your locks and keys, and we hope that any time you need a locksmith you know exactly who to call.

We Provide the Best Locksmith Service in the Colorado Area


  • Lock Installation
  • Rekey cylinder
  • Business Rekey
  • Car Lockout
  • House lockout
  • Business Lockout
  • All Keys Lost

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